RPS-Express Slitter-Scorer

Product Description

The Robotic Plunge Slitter/Scorer has multiple slit and score sections to set up tools on one section while tools on another section are operating. At order change, the tools will quickly lift out of the board line, while the new order tools plunge in. Dry end order changes are easily performed at speeds of 300 MPM (1000 FPM).

The Trim Switch feature ensures the downstream slitting section closest to the trim chutes starts the new order trim. This eliminates trim jams at order change and allows very narrow trim to be scheduled.

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Product Features

  • Superior slit quality with the industry鈥檚 narrowest trim specification
  • Industry-leading head setup accuracy
  • Superior Score Flexibility
  • Narrow score tool spacing to yield maximum scoring flexibility
  • Efficient production of short orders
  • Small footprint, single station machine
  • Simple design for ease of access and low maintenance requirements

Superior Slit Quality

快猫短视频 slitters are corrugated industry鈥檚 standard for slitting excellence with features such as individual on-head sharpening systems, rotating lower anvil supports, and use of a very thin blade allows significant payback. 

Industry Leading Accuracy

The individual slit and score tools are accurately positioned in the cross-machine direction by a simple but fast robust robot. 

Superior Score Flexibility with narrow spacing

Multiple score sections can be run to achieve zero score spacing and greater variety of score tool profiles. Different score types can be fitted to a single score axis. Three-in-One score profiles available.

Short Order production

A dual plunge station configuration with fast robotic setup ensures short orders can be run back-to-back.
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  • Dry end order changes are easily performed at speeds of 300 mpm (1000 fpm)
  • The Trim Switch鈩 feature ensures the downstream slitting section (adjacent to the trim chutes) always starts the new order trim.
  • Tool setup accuracy of +/- 0.4 mm (0.015鈥) allows you to consistently meet critical box specifications.
  • Guards swing away to provide improved access to the tooling heads
  • Touch-screen operator interface enhances control

RPS-Express Slitter-Scorer

Compare With

  • Industries narrowest trim specification allows significant payback in trim waste reduction.
  • Line Speed production quality  order changes improve productivity.
  • Industry-leading head setup accuracy.
  • Excellent operator & maintenance access.
  • Small footprint, single station machine.
  • Simple design with low maintenance requirements.
  • Narrow score tool spacing to yield maximum scoring flexibility.
  • Excellent slit quality through the use of the rotating anvil supporting the board at the point of cut.
  • Efficient production of short orders.


  • Additional automatic setup score section 
  • Up to 32 score lines per section
  • Centered trim shoot option for split roll operation
  • Manual setup section for custom scores

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