Corrugator Preheaters

Product Description

  • Robust and ergonomic construction for paper threading and maintenance
  • Single wrap arm with dual rolls
  • Motorized wrap arms interfaceable to a corrugator control system
  • Option of direct drive for preheat drums, adjustable to the line speed.
  • Infusion preconditioning for hotplates or drums
  • Choice of rotary steam joint, Deublin or Kadant-Johnson
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Product Features

Robust and ergonomic construction

The design allows safe and easy access to all components and lubrication points. Solid construction, vibration free, built for a very long life.

Single Wrap Arm with Dual Rolls

This arrangement ensures the wrap arms maintain parallel through the full range of motion. The constant wrap arm alignment allows more uniform heat transfer, with more even web tension across the web for production of flatter board.

Motorized wrap arms and optional driven drums

The preheaters are designed to work with modern corrugator process control systems. Wrap arm position can be regulated based on corrugator speed, temperature, or warp detection systems. The drum speed control option ensures condensate is removed effectively and the paper tension is always correct for optimal heat transfer.

Infusion preconditioning

This UNITED Machinery Co. invention is the most efficient method to properly precondition medium or liner papers. Glue cures faster and speeds are boosted better than with other heating plate, drum, or steam shower methods. Superheated steam penetrates the paper fibers rapidly to make them pliable and ready for flute forming or to accept glue application. 

  • Technical Data
  • Product Details
  • Options
  • Drum Diameter: 406 mm (16 in), 610 mm (24 in), 915 mm (36 in) or 1065 mm (42 in)
  • 2500 mm (98 in) and 2850 mm (112 in) 

Corrugator Preheaters

Compare With

  • Choice of steam joint: Deublin HPS-C (H40) or Johnson Lug
  • Pre-piped steam lines
  • Modular, stackable design
  • Friction brake for non-driven applications
  • ASME/PED certified preheater drum(s)

  • Automatic Wrap Arm Control
  • Interface to Wet End Supervisory Control System
  • Temperature-Based Wrap Arm Control System
  • Additional Idler Rolls Tension Leveler Roll System
  • Infusion Plus System

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