High-Speed Millennium Singlefacer

Product Description

  • High speed operation 450mpm/1500fpm
  • Pressure belt design with extended 100掳 wrap (most contact distance in the industry)
  • Positive pressure for optimal shape retention
  • Fast flute cassette change, made from either side of machine.
  • Infusion preconditioning
  • Rugged, reliable, resonance free construction
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Product Features

High speed

450mpm/1500fpm. The Millennium singlefacer is designed to optimize the two fundamental processes affecting board speed 鈥 bonding and flute formation. Periperal heated corrugating rolls, infusion preconditioning, web tension control and precise accurate glue application all contribute to high-speed reliable running.

Pressure belt design

Endless, breathable, pressure belt with a 100 degree wrap angle over the upper corrugating roll. More time for the bond to form and strengthen. Pressure belts help prevent damage to lighter weight papers and avoid pressure lines often seen on pressure roll singlefacers. 

Positive Pressure chamber

United Container, one of the 快猫短视频 legendary brands, pioneered the positive pressure fingerless technology. Positive Pressure is a self-purging system naturally expelling debris and dried starch. Maintenance and downtime issues associated with negative/vacuum systems that are sensitive to dirt and debris are eliminated. Does away with unplanned stops and delamination caused by negative vacuum pressure systems.

Infusion preconditioning

The patented Infusion鈩 system penetrates the medium鈥檚 paper fibers with moisture and heat like no other system. This allows higher run speeds and improves board quality. A separate capstan roll system provides precise tension control and an optional steam chest provides additional conditioning for the most challenging mediums in the industry.
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Millenium Singlefacer

Speed1500 fpm460 mpm
Minimum Width98 in.2500 mm
Maximum Width112 in.2850 mm

High-Speed Millennium Singlefacer

Unique Belt Design   
  • Maximum board caliper
  • Elimination of flute lines
  • Ability to run all paper grades
  • Ability to run printed liners at the single facer
Infusion Medium Pre-Conditioning
  • Superior Flute Formation
  • Effective for all flute profiles & paper grades
  • Maximum strength with minimal fiber
Optional Liner Conditioning (Infusion Plus)

  • Optimal liner conditioning
  • Maximum bonding with optimal glue application
  • Flatter board

User Friendly Flute Change

  • 5 minute no-tool flute change
  • Side loading modules for maximum flexibility
  • Pre-heated modules for immediate production
Durable Design
  • Designed for years of low cost reliable operation
  • Provides maximum uptime and minimal downtime
  • Low cost of ownership with maximum return

  • Optional 2850 mm (112 inch) machine widths

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