MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter

Product Description

èƵ’ MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter is a robust, high performance set-up-while-run automatic rotary die cutter machine that features a dual belt drive system, fast cutting die mounting and removal, and automatic “on the fly” anvil cover trimmings. Add the durable and productive MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter to your production line for superior print quality and print section customization capabilities. Learn more about this automatic rotary die cutter below.

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Product Features

The MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter has a variety of features and technologies that make it superior to its competitors. Learn more about the features of this automatic rotary die cutter below.

Designed for Durability & Productivity

The MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter offered by èƵ is manufactured with a sturdy, streamlined design for high durability and productivity, featuring a dual belt drive system for quick cutting die mounting and removal.

High Print Quality

This efficient automatic rotary die cutter prints and dies sheets accurately and consistently through “on the fly” anvil cover trimming and compensation as well as its fixed frame architecture with pitted print units for excellent print quality.

Easy Maintenance Access

The MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter features the dual belt drive system that requires less maintenance and easy access to those areas of maintenance as well, which means less production line disruptions and a lower cost of ownership.

Customizable Print Sections

Print sections are highly customizable with this automatic rotary die cutter, with 2 to 6 print section units available. This customization allows for greater flexibility during the production process for a variety of applications.
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16.32 MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter

66 in. x 128” in.   |   1676 mm x 3251 mm

Minimum untrimmed sheet21 in. x 22 in.533 mm x 559 mm
Maximum untrimmed sheet61 in. x 129 in.1549 mm x 3277 mm
Minimum die cut with side trim21 in. x 22 in.533 mm x 559 mm
Maximum die cut with side trim 61 in. x 128 in.1549 mm x 3250 mm
Maximum sheet caliper4 in.10 mm
Rated speedup to 200 sheets / minute

MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter

Feed Section:
The MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter features a full servo controlled feed table for high performance and fully automatic setup, as well as rack and pinion drive of side guides and feed gates. A freestanding backstop allows for better operator and maintenance access.

Print Unit:
The MaxPro features a roll-out anilox roll for easy and safe changeover. Pitted design allows for setting up next job while machine converts current run.

Die Cutter:
The die cutter offers a simple, ultra-robust system. The featured dual belt drive system requires less maintenance and improves system performance. Machine includes fast cutting die mounting and removal, and automatic “on the fly” anvil cover trimming.

Controls System:
The MaxPro features simplified state of the art controls architecture. PC-Based controls are organized, consistent, and arranged by frequency of use with user-friendly and intuitive operator interfaces. Also featured are machine conditioning monitoring, expanded fault logging, and enhanced online help including schematics.

  • Serrapid Quick Die Mounting System
  • Customizable 2 – 6 print units

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