Printing Inside and Outside the Box Technology

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Unboxing is holding up and gaining in popularity, making retailers rethink the customer experience with their brand, from the current state of walking into a brick-and-mortar store, to experiencing the brand at home unboxing the package. In addition to global and social media trends, there are packaging developments arising from the conviction that ‘products have to be professionally presented, protected and please consumer expectations’, regardless of whether it is real-time shopping or an e-commerce purchase.

The demand for sustainable solutions calls for environmentally friendly packaging.

èƵ is supporting their customers in adopting new packaging trends such as Printing Inside the Box. It creates added value for box makers and their customers.

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GGX 16.29 G-Grafix FFG66 in. - 113 in.1676 mm x 2870 mm
GGX 16.32 G-Grafix FFG66 in. x 125 in.1676 mm x 3175 mm
6.18 MiniPro FFG 678 mm x 1880 mm


16.32 ServoPro RDC66 in. - 128 in.1676 mm x 3251 mm
16.28 ServoPro RDC66 in. x 113 in.1676 mm x 2870 mm
16.29 G-Grafix RDC66 in. x 113 in.1676 mm x 2870 mm
16.32 G-Grafix66 in. x 125 in. 1676 mm x 3175 mm

    Printing Inside and Outside the Box Technology

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