Fusion Knife & Stacker

Product Description

  • High speed performance
  • Superior Web/Sheet Control and Stack Quality
  • Controls Optimization
  • Improved Runability
  • Line Speed Waste Ejection
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Optional UpStacker on lower level
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Product Features

快猫短视频 Fusion Knife and Stacker features enable high-speed running for various sheet sizes and weights with the capability to automatically divert waste sheets or splices without slowing the corrugator.

  • High Performance with improved speed curves
  • Knife waste diverter
  • New design sheet separation discharge technology
  • Flexible machine configurations, Upstacker or Downstacker available
  • Modern controls with remote connection possible.
  • Easy access for operators and maintenance

High Performance

Multiple speed ranges selectable, 300mpm/1000fpm, 350mpm/1150fpm,400mpm/1300fpm or 450mpm/1500fpm. Excellent sheet length vs speed curve using the latest knife cylinder technology. Advanced cut-to-mark features. Exceptional stack quality.

Knife Waste Diverter

Servo motor controlled divert device to automatically remove splices and order change waste. Sample sheets can be taken at the push of a button.

Sheet separation technology

The discharging stack last sheet cleanly separated from the next stack first sheet using a full width moving separation device. No straggler sheets regardless of sheet dimension or corrugator speed.

Flexible Machine Configurations

Options and configurations to meet plant production requirements. Single, double or triple level system configuration. Speed increase upgrades can be added later. Upstacker available after lower knife level to run certain sheet sizes more effectively. Various stacker bay lengths and stack heights possible. Discharge direction is selectable with dual discharge option.
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Capable of processing a broader range at full rate feed:

  • 1000 FPM, 300 MPM
  • 1150 FPM, 350 MPM
  • 1300 FPM, 400 MPM
  • 1500 FPM, 460 MPM

Fusion Knife & Stacker

  • Minimization of any loading or impact to preserve structural integrity of the board (zero crush)
  • Condition-based, automatic adjustments of conveyor speeds, nip forces, brush pressures, and vacuum settings
  • Less nip force required to provide the same driving force
  • Expanded diagnostics features including advanced remote connectivity
  • Absolute speed matching between levels
  • No blade lubrication required
  • Eagle Eye feature ensures first cut is sellable product
  • Precision servo electric lift control with counter-weight to reduce energy consumption
  • Walk-in access from side door

  • Servo controlled line-speed diverter
  • Upstacker
  • 4 levels of performance offered from 300-460 m/min (1000-1500ft/min)
  • Continuous web AOC
  • Full range of lift bay lengths
  • Sheet lengths down to 43  cm (17 in) (verify with ENG)

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