Excel Cutoff Knife

Product Description

  • Cut capability up to 450 mpm (1500 fpm)
  • Industry-leading cut accuracy
  • High performance with low energy consumption
  • No board crush design with automated loading system
  • BWP High-Speed (HS) Knife cylinders provide the industry’s best blade tuning interval cycle, which decreases knife maintenance and lengthens blade life
  • Walk in access allows for quicker maintenance for blade tuning and adjustments
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Product Features

Excel Knife offers the performance and reliability that will improve profitability for any corrugator plant. Short sheets can be cut at much higher speeds for a significant production increase.
  • Cut capability up to 450 mpm (1500 fpm)
  • Excellent cut accuracy and cleanliness with extended intervals between blade tuning
  • High performance with low energy consumption
  • Closed-loop, liquid-cooling system keeps contaminants out for improved reliability
  • Integrated web measuring roll
  • Walk-in access is convenient and safe
  • Simplified controls design reduces maintenance costs and supports remote connection
  • Compact footprint that is easily integrated into any corrugator

Industry leading speed curve up to 450 mpm (1500 fpm)

The Excel Knife speed is available in four speed configurations from 300 mpm (1000 fm) to 450 mpm (1500 fpm). Upgrade by simply adding extra motors and controls

Superior Cylinder Performance

The original Marquip design has been further improved to make it the best-in-class design. Cut accuracy and cleanliness limit dust and waste issues. Light or heavy weight board grades, singlewall, doublewall or triplewall are cut with ease. The blades can be sharpened on the machine and run for weeks without stopping for tuning

High Performance and low energy consumption

The Excel Knife features new improved knife motors in an ultra-efficient electrical and mechanical design recognized to provide the lowest energy consumption of any corrugator cutoff knife

No crush designs

An automatic hold-down roll loading design ensures the maximum caliper and board stiffness for improved converting efficiency. This clever system applies the right amount of pressure based on the web dimensions, board type and production speed. èƵ corrugators are designed to avoid board crush and increase box strength
  • Technical Data
  • Product Details
  • Options
  • Minimum sheet length: 430 mm (17 inch)
  • Industries leading cut length accuracy

Excel Cutoff Knife

  • Superior Cut Length vs. Speed Performance
  • Lowest Energy Consumption
  • Designed for Greater Levels of Reliability
  • Easy, Safe Operator and Maintenance Access
  • Reduced Maintenance Increases Uptime
  • The Crushless Corrugator Knife
  • Cut-To-Leading Edge
  • Modern controls platform to support operators and maintenance teams. Remote connection for diagnostic or service support

  • Cut-to-Mark with pre-print mark recognition on bottom or top of the board with automatic back-to-back functionality available

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