ARC-5 Corrugator Roll Stand

Product Description

The ARC-5 Roll Stand is a robust, high-value and low maintenance roll stand that is configured for efficient and economic manual or semi-automatic roll loading. 

Other Highlights:
  • Self-centering roll positioning
  • Small Diameter roll pickup
  • Heavy duty Brakes and chucks
  • Core-Stripping capability
  • Low Profile / Small footprint
  • High Speed spindles
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Product Features

Simple, durable, and robust design

Arms slide on precision keyways for excellent durability. Double hydraulic cylinder design to prevent deflection. 

High speed movement

Very fast arm movements for short order running. High speeds spindles that can run paper at 670mpm/2200fpm

Automatic roll loading, lifting and unloading

Either 鈥榟old-to-load鈥 or fully automatic roll loading options. Roll lifted for the operator to thread into the Splicer. Partially run rolls are moved to a pick up area as part of the load cycle.

Butt roll loading and core stripping device

Automatic butt roll or core ejection system to make the operator tasks easy. Small diameter butt roll pick-up capability to make use of all paper stock.
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Lifting Capacity1100 lb5000 kg
Minimum Roll Width - 98.4 in. | 2500 mm36 in.915 mm
Minimum Roll Width - 112 in. | 2800 mm46 in.1168 mm
Minimum Roll Pickup Diameter - Manual12 in.305 mm
Minimum Roll Pickup Diameter - Automatic16 in.405 mm
Arm Spacing in the Machine Direction100 in 2540 mm

ARC-5 Corrugator Roll Stand

Compare With

  • Rigid 240mm (9.5鈥) diameter steel torque tubes
  • Double hydraulic cylinder design to prevent deflection
  • Quick roll loading and unloading allows short wet end orders to be run efficiently.
  • Pneumatic disc brakes and high-speed spindles facilitate the efficient running of butt rolls.
  • Low energy consumption with automatic shut off of the hydraulic pump motor.
  • Heavy-duty torque tubes and dual side arm cylinders provide maximum durability for alignment of spindles.
  • Includes track/trolley operator controls and interface to provide seamless operation with 快猫短视频 and other common tracks.
  • Vital for Efficient Wet End Operations
  • Efficient running of Butt Rolls
  • Rigid mechanical design with solid steel torque shafts provide superior torsional
  • Oil-impregnated, low-fiction nylon bushings on pivot points and linear slides ensure smooth operation
  • Arms that slide on precision ground keys offer excellent durability and corrosion resistance

  • Existing splicer Interface kit
  • Vertical Bridge supports
  • Semi-automatic & automatic roll loading and unloading features
  • Hydraulic track / trolley / squaring systems

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