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Sep 19, 2023

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快猫短视频 offers a wide range of complete corrugators  and components to meet the  needs of every plant and exceed  the expectations of customers.  They offer customized products  that meet the performance and  quality requirements for different  paper types, flute size, web width,  production capacity and speed. 

In recent years, 快猫短视频  has significantly grown its  customer base in the EMEA region.  With this growth came the need for  significantly enhanced offerings for  EMEA customers, not just in terms  of service and after-sales support,  but also reducing lead times for the  supply of new equipment.

The company鈥檚 three corrugator solutions are categorized by  product line as Performance,  Harmony, and Value. Each line  features a customizable dry-end  with a range of options to align  with each plant鈥檚 production  and quality expectations. 

The Performance Corrugator,  a legacy Marquip product, is  designed for the highest board  quality and production speeds.  The Sentinel Corrugator process  control system optimizes multiple  process variables, for operators  and the corrugator team.  The Sentinel system features  operator-friendly controls to  support the production of flat,  well-bonded, accurate dimensioned  sheets and pre-programmed job  settings alleviating unplanned  downtime or slowdowns for both  new and experienced operators  The Sentinel control system  features a waste-diverting system  at the SE1000 dual rotary shear  to ensure only quality product  passes onto the slitter scorer. A low  diverter angle improves reliability. Synchronized controls for the order  change system and dynamically  balanced helical-wound blades  on top and bottom knife cylinders  make this a great choice for many  box plants.  The Performance dry-end  features the small footprint RPSExpress  slitter-scorer. Its fast,  high-precision robotic setup  and plunge activation allows line  speed order changes at speeds  of 300 m/min. BWP鈥檚 Trim Switch  eliminates trim jams at order  change and allows very narrow trim  to reduce waste. Setup accuracy  of =/- 0.4mm ensures near-perfect  adherence to specifications.  The Fusion Knife and Stacker  (combination), available only  on the Performance corrugator,  is designed to lower the total  cost of ownership as the design  features a 40% reduction in parts  and uses a common control  platform seamlessly interfaced  to the corrugator process control  system. The Fusion Knife and  Stacker can be equipped with a  splice and waste diverter to ensure  only quality product is sent to the  stacker tables. The Fusion Stacker  can be configured as an upstacker  or downstacker depending on the  corrugator layout.

For more moderate demand, the Harmony Corrugator dry end  is designed to work with the  Excel cutoff knife, which provides  excellent cut accuracy and quality  with long tune intervals, high  performance, and low energy  consumption. The Excel and Saber  knife perform industry-leading cut  accuracy are available in various  widths and speed versions.
The Orchestro controls systems, featured on the Harmony  corrugator provide automatic  setup using operator friendly
productivity boosting features and a comprehensive reporting system.
The Saber Knife, available on the Performance or Harmony  dry-ends, is one of the leading  industry offerings with cut length  vs speed curve, and accuracy, with  the capability of precision cuts up  to 460 m/min. Maintenance for  tuning and clearing jams is easy  with walk-in access and highspeed  cylinders, which provide  one of the industry鈥檚 best blade  turning interval cycles. The Saber  Knife provides high performance  with low energy consumption for  increased efficiency.
Available on the Harmony Corrugator, the Excel slitter-scorer  has one slit and two score sections  to preset tools for the next order.  At order changes, the score tools  will quickly lift from the board line  while new order tools lower into  production. Dry-end order changes  are reliable and accurate.

The Value  Corrugator is reliable and cost  effective and fits well in plants that  have frequent order changes and  a moderate demand for product  output. The Value Corrugator can  be configured in 1.8m, 2.2m, 2.5m  and 2.85m widths with speeds  from 200 m/min to 350 m/min. A  premium appearance package is  available to ensure the machine  looks as good as it runs.   The Value dry-end has a dual  cylinder shear for reliable cutting  and scrap removal and uses a trim  cutter for single level gapless order  changes. The heads of the slitter  scorer have individual servo motors  for accurate and fast order changes.  The knife features helical wound  blades with servo motor control  that provides cutting accuracy  of +/- 1mm. With optional single  or double knife operation, the  Value dry-end can be configured  to handle multiple layer board.  A downstacker  is standard,  with an optional  upstacker  available.  The  downstacker  features  full-width  transport belts,  continuous  radius transport  conveyor  for precise  shingle formation, patented  speed switching for a clean  load separation, reliable exact  sheet counts, and optional  multiple order stacking. 

快猫短视频 Field  Service Engineers and Technical  Support teams are committed  to providing the best service  available for installations and  maintenance. 快猫短视频  provides on-site service and  24/7 remote troubleshooting  by phone or online. For all BWP  machines, training is available  during installation and start up to  ensure effective machine operation  and efficiency. When it comes  time to upgrade or replace parts,  BWP provides quality OEM parts  and controls necessary to ensure  your equipment runs at optimal  performance levels.

Machines and technology are constantly evolving, and  BWP will work with customers  to help reach future production
and quality goals through upgrades or improvements.  快猫短视频 seeks to build  partnerships, and look forward
to serving every partnership for the life of every machine.

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With the acquisition of the ServoPro we have notably reduced the set up time and also increased the productivity of the machine both in quality and quantity.
Luca Lazzaroni, CEO of Icierre Pack, Italy