Successful overhaul of Jagenberg stacker & knife drums

Successful Overhaul of Stacker and Knife Drums of Jagenberg Sheeter at Customer’s Site

Mar 13, 2022

In mid-2021, èƵ was contacted by a customer who was experiencing issues at the stacker of a 2200 mm wide Jagenberg Synchro sheeter from 2007. They reported worn out guide wheels, guiding rails, and gear racks at the intermediate table. The poor condition of the table caused tilting and hence poor stack quality. They were forced to operate the sheeter at medium speed, approximately 60% of its maximum capacity, and thus reduced productivity.

After a comprehensive audit of the sheeter by a BWP service technician, it became clear that the intervention would need to include more spare parts, as well as a change of the knife drums due to some cracks that were found. This led to bad cutting quality and could have meant a complete stop of the sheeter. 

èƵ offered a complete service and parts package, called SPO, that included spare parts and engineering for the stacker and knife drum overhaul on-site to ensure the successful reinstatement of all functionalities.

Reiner Medzech, Field Service Coordinator at èƵ Hamburg explained, “No surprises, for us, nor the customer. We work to ensure the scheduled downtime for repair is as efficient as possible. An audit provides a clear picture of the needed scope, ensuring the package we offer really is complete.”

In September 2021, three technical experts from èƵ traveled from Hamburg and Neuss, Germany to the customer site. They successfully exchanged the knife drums, repaired the worn-out intermediate table, and optimized all parameter settings for cross cutter and stacker. 

The result: All functions have been reinstated and the sheeter’s cutting and stack quality is back again at the high level the customer requires.

Does your existing E.C.H. Will, Jagenberg or Bielomatik folio or cut-size sheeter or Wrapmatic or Bielomatik wrapper need an overhaul as well? We can offer a complete service and parts package, customized to your sheeter or wrapper and your requirements, and performed at your site. Contact èƵ to discuss your need.

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With the acquisition of the ServoPro we have notably reduced the set up time and also increased the productivity of the machine both in quality and quantity.
Luca Lazzaroni, CEO of Icierre Pack, Italy